Friday, 3 February 2012

Tebele Karabo 2012

By: Tebele Karabo

Sometimes I ask myself why am I living  and striving for on these mother earth surrounded by people and animals. In life there are people even family members included  who are always negative and critising about the way about your future saying that you will never make it instead of encouraging you to go out there and leave a print of your name in the record books of achivement.

Well 2012 is year for me whereby my life depends on this year and im striving to pursue my dreams as they unfolds. If this year I don't make it, then my life is back to square one and my enemies will rise and clap their hands for a job well achieved because of my downfall.

In my home language which is Pedi it says that "persevieverance is the mother of succes" meaning I'l work hard this year and shows my true colours towards any challenge that comes my way. Some may say you will never make it because while you were growing up, they used to undermine your intelligent in the past but hey the more they undermine my intergrity, the more sharper my hungry brain demolish its prey which is education.

Well as I said in my blog about my life hope you saw it, I mentioned that my life was in broken bottles whereby your enemies will just break you leg instead of lifting you up. So 2012 is my year to achieve my goals  and prosper and the greatest thing will be to fly towards my future.

One day I will make a brighter day and create a succes way for others people to follow in my footseps so that they can have a marvelous, prosperous life. In life don't let people to control the way you live your life because you will never how to create a platform for yourself and to those you love.

Rise through criticism, favourism and improper motives by people  dragging your status  in the mud and above all this rise above hate so that you can live your life the way you want to live it. Thats my advise to you all who will read this article wishing you a progressive year........@blue print said...

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  1. Bravo my friend. Please tell me, why are your articles that i have read thus far tremendously emotional? I mean you know Thaka i am your biggest fan but always your articles are changing my mood everytime i read them. Keep it up thaka, if you persist on writing things like this i *as literature student as well* assure you are going somewhere and really going to achieve your ambitions.