Friday, 10 February 2012

Online journalism in South Africa

By: Tebele L.Karabo

Online news and journalism are still existing which still disseminate information through internet for the readers to get breaking news on their fingertips.

The most popular online news organizations which are well-known and recognized are iOL, SABC news, EWN etc. that keeps the world of online industry of news online publications throughout the country.

We start with the Independent online publication (IOL) is a well-known news organization with the most impressive style of presenting news to the public. This online news publication has the layout page on internet that is quite catchy along with its multimedia elements that is up to standard in terms of visuals and template design. It is speed and easy to browse stories on it without waiting for long time to view stories, pictures and videos and advertisement are interesting.

Sabc news organization another well-known government run online publication or state controlled whereby they are under the control of the government. This news organization encounter the lack use of multimedia elements e.g. videos, audio because everything they do before publication, it is rectified by the state to check whether the breaking news are in favour or criticism with the ruling party. All in all what I like about this online news organization is that their design is moderate and the content is localised.

The advertisements of the Sabc news organization are educational where you can find programmes for TV; radio etc. to view matriculated shows.

Meanwhile Eye Witness News an independent online news organization differs with the above mention ones with its style of presenting news to the masses and its content. Its use of multimedia elements is well planned and balanced whereby everything that you are looking it’s just on on your fingertips.

The  style of stories  that are structured on this online news publication are too way different compared to other news organizations because  they focus on current  breaking news only rather than focusing on other educational programmes.  Colour of the online publication is not catchy is like it is in black and white so it is boring for the readers like me to spend few minutes on it.

In conclusion online journalism in South Africa is coming along in terms of gathering and disseminating news to the public to criticise or favour without fear. South African online journalism is greater whereby we are going inch by inch to  be regarded with the best online news organizations worldwide.


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