Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Prelude of my life

By: Tebele Karabo

Man of the moment Tebele Langwane Karabo

From the heartland of Ga-Sekhukhune village the greatest gift of the Tebele clan was the creation of a young boy who believes and served as a solution to his family was Langwane Karabo..

Born in 23 November 1992 during the hard times of apartheid era where black people were opressed,detained and arrested for not obeying the laws of the white regime. Growing as a child it was hard and painful whereby I didn't speak the way that all my friends were speaking but what I like about myself was that I didn't give up.

I went to creche by the age of six(6) years in 1998 at Matolo creche in the village of Ga- Maloma and along the road I met someone special that God served as a gift to me, was the lady called Mathabo Mahlako Lekwana who also went to the same creche that I went to with the same age.

Later in 1999 I went to the second school by the name of Matime Primary school where I thought it was the end of the world but progressed  until I passed my grade 7 in 2005 with my best friend ever on planet earth Mathabo.

In 2006 I  progressed to grade 8 at Makatane secondary school by that time where the new arival of our principal by the name of Manthat D.N, the most remarkable man I've ever seen in my entire life. During that year we were attending in classes that were not good for our health and our principal stood up his head together with other teachers  to demand for buliding of a new buliding blocks in 2006 and their voices and grievances were heared.

And in 2008 I was doing grade 10 where I chose the most hardest stream ever called "social science" that included History,Geography and Maths Literacy.  My  teachers  were Ms Mojapelo, Mr Makotanyana, Mr Ramogayane,Mr Maredi, Mr Maimela,Ms Mapheto,Ms Seema,Ms Phakoago etc...

During that time my friends used to say that "karabo" why did you chose these stream instead of science and I replied by saying " guys science  is not the only stream that will make all of us our lives better" but one person stood up and supported me and that person was Mathabo. That is why today I regarded her as the best gift that God had ever gave to me as a present to my life.

We went through hard times together where other learners used to hate us but we stood firm and focused on our school work and in 2010 we progressed to the most hardest phase called grade 12 which in simply language  we call it "matric".

Our principal Mr the honourable Manthata advised us as matriculants of Makatane school that we have to apply for the Universities for the year 2011 and we did, thanks to him. Last year it was a year whereby I encounted several issues as a human being and Mathabo was always there for me whether in good and bad times where some of my enemies decided to laugh when I had problems and it sparked to me that "when days are dark, friends are few"...

For my last conclusion I would like to send my gratitude to my Mom Christina Mathume Tebele, my Sister Dineo Madibane Tebele, my Principal Mr Manthata D.N, Teachers of Matime primary and Makatane secondary school, my childhood friends who played a vital role in my life, my precious friend Mathabo Lekwana who was always there for me and experienced the characteristics of life as friends and my last gratitude goes to one and only brother that I've ever had Joseph T. Tebele who is currently taking care of me and who assisted me this year to be in this current campus Tshwane University of Technology....

And ohh before I forgot my gratitude to my school boys Linford Molaodi, Jeffrey Molaodi, Lucky Malaka, Comfort Maidi etc and I say thank you guys for being my friends from start to where we are today....
Thank you all who played a role in life from the start to this quater but im gonna write a story of my whole life so this was just a prelude of my life.....

kind regards
Tebele L.Karabo


  1. Well done man, this was really touching. I keep on saying edit your work before posting to make it too attractive to intellectuals. You might be lucky one day.

  2. Has Jeffrey inherited Molaodi surname this days heh

  3. what makes say that jeffrey inherited your surname coz he have his own surname