Thursday, 24 November 2011

Say NO to secrecy Bill

By: Tebele Karabo

In a democratic country the media is always free from any external cencorship and they enjoy a large degree of freedom to report any information to the public in order fror them to know whats going on in the society.

During the apartheid era, the media in South Africa was not free to report any information about the government and journalists were arrested and detained to prison. Political activists like Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko etc fought against the  white regime for the media to be free in our country.

But after President Jacob Zuma served as a president of this country, chaos started to steer up flames and everyone went mad. We thought that Zuma will change our country forever and let the society to express their opinions about the government.

Introducing the secrecy information bill, our government there lost their sight and ignored the  wishes of our past heroes about the freedom of the media inthe couintry.The ruling government (ANC) from my side I think they are tired of ruling our democratic country, they must retreat and let other parties to rule the country.

"Why would you destroy something that you had build", the government is shooting itself on the feet and they lose their quantity of ruling and trust from the citizens of this country.

Many opinions  had been raised and some of my friends in this campus contradicted and some agreed with the intoduction of secresy bill. Lindokuhle Mnisi (Journalist) said the "government is not doing the right thing by cencoring the media and it will pose a threat to us as jurnalist of tomorrow".

The other comment was from Robinson Nqola also a journalist said that " the government is doing the right thing by intoducing the bill it will presenty a bad image to the world and the government should protect the weakness of this country".

This shows that the introduction of secrecy bill is posing a threat to journalists of tomorrow and the freedom of media in this country. From my side as a journalist also I say No to secrecy bill because it will turn our peacefull democratic country into a authoritarian state.

No to introduction of information bill because it shows that our leaders want to destroy our wealth of this country without informing the public....

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