Friday, 13 April 2012

Manipulative Shakira

By: Tebele Karabo

Shakira Williams on Scandal

Shakira is causing tension in Scandal and it leaves everyone on short tempered emotions and it will end up beating herself in her own game that she’s playing.

Shakira had a very unhappy childhood, growing up with her uncle Leonard Willemse, and Aunt Chantelle Willemse, whom she believed to be her real parents. They owned a dry cleaning business and Shakira had to work there as a child.

Well-known South African local soapie Scandal Shakira also known as Dawn Mathews has brought controversial instability in her family and friends.

She had a sexual relationship with Tino Martins (her half-brother) - before they found out they were related. Also with Alex Phiri, while he was still married to Morongwe.

 Shakira again really fell in love with Cole Harris so much so that he became the catalyst for Abigail's murder as Abigail was in a cougar relationship with this same man.

In order to balance the relationship with Abigail and Tino, she agreed to go against arch rival in the NZH business company Daniel Nyathi. Deep divisions were discovered between the two family clan of Martin’s and Nyathi’s because of only one rather than vicious Shakira in order to win trust from the Martins.

It shows that Shakira is devious whereby she can get anything she wants with her ego. Shakira went on this secretive relationship with Cole Harris against Abigail’s wish because they fallen to same man. Only the player (Cole Harris) dated both and to Abigail for the money and position in her business and Shakira for sexual pleasure.

Even Tino was not pleased with the way Cole Harris was balancing emotionally between his mom and half-sister “Shakira”.

Vicious, manipulative and devious Shakira killed Abigail Martins in order to give Cole all the shares in Abigail’s resturants later named “Coles” and convinced Tino that his mom was killed by arch rival Daniel Nyathi for shares in NZH and escape the guilt.

Her plans worked really the way she wanted them to work because his half-brother was just a driven horse who believed every word that she breathes just because it’s his half innocent sister.

Hatred began to be up in flames because Tino believed that Daniel killed his mother and rivalry started to spark between the two shareholders in NZH. Shakira continued to poison his half-brother about the way his arch rival Daniel is and he can do anything to convince you that I killed your mother.

And guess what her plans worked again in front his driven horse easy half-brother Tino Martins. Tino suffered loneliness because his mother is no longer there to comfort him about life experiences and personal details because of her vicious half-sister Shakira.

She even caused instability in the drama and even caused conflicts in her workplace (NZH). This also appeals to us as viewers that in this tragic world of today don’t trust anyone even if they are close to you.

They both agreed that they are related Tino & Shakira because they can’t continue to love each other and vicious Shakira agreed where as she knows that she still feelings for her half-brother have.

Then Tino found love with the sensational award clothing designer Erin Davids and got married and after that be in love with the wishes of happily ever after.  Erin became Miss Martins after confessed in front of the priest that “she do for better for worse and for richer or poorer”. But to the greatest witch known as Shakira still have serious emotional feelings for Tino.

Shakira crushed her half-brother’s marriage and tried to put end it in miseries because of the obsession she had for Tino. To turn the hot on, she even killed her  ex-lover Cole Harries for her emotional insecurities for Tino Martins and also acted as innocent as if nothing happened.

 Tino and Erin tried fall pregnant but as if Shakira wouldn’t help it and tried to break their relationship this time and it worked because the mistress Erin couldn’t help it.

While Tino was trying to fix her marriage, Shakira drugged and raped Tino in his apartment and persuaded him that they will have a brighter future for both of them. Tino at first wanted to believe Shakira but cleverly realised that she’s playing him and Shakira with her stupidity, confessed to Tino that she killed Abigail.

Tino was tricked and emotionally weak whereby he didn’t know where to go because Erin walked away and wanted to go overseas but managed to fix things with her. The funny part, they are right when they say “truth hurts” whereby Shakira tried to kill herself with pile of pills and unluckily went to a hospital survived.

Then Tino decided that she will go to a psychiatric centre because he doesn’t want to hand her to police.

But Shakira in hospital has been ragging to Erin about father of her child and Erin will confront Tino about who is the father of Shakira’s child.

The intriguing question still remains; will Shakira end up in her own trapped hot water or survive this quest she’s on? Well to witness all this dramatic actions watch Scandal weekdays from Monday to Thursday at 19h30 only on

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