Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I made it hell yeahhhhhhhh

By: Tebele L.Karabo

Finally I made it to my exams for this year 2011 again hahahaha

Journalism is a course whereby is not familiar with other courses here at Tshwane University of Technology. It was a tough year comparing to all my previous years at school but hey if you don't meet a challenge now, you'l find it when your too old for that.

This year I first undermined journalism and relaxed during the year thinking that the course is so simple and i'l crack it at the end but hey it was tough and I didn't see what kicked me behind.

I made it to the final exams and hey im so haapy and im in the mood and to all my classmates goodluck guys and to those who didn't make it im sorry theres always a next time

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  1. HHHHmmmmmmmm. I imagine you jumbing higher than yourself thaka. Wena o ka idira ke a go tseba. Congrats mfana.