Monday, 19 September 2011

The next big thing to happen...

By: Tebele Karabo

In life there is a time whereby you have to stand for your own self in order to be heard and for people especially your friends to see that you've been grown up.

My life as a teenager was never fruitful journey for me because people used to take me down and not believing that the black cloud that is above me will get removed one of the good days.

They even  made me to start looking down on my self  and saying that will I make it for the future? Because if your own people in your area don't believe in you, then you will also lose touch in life.

But with the power of God everything was a minor issue because if you believe in yourself, everything is possible. My teachers said to me that "boy" chase your dreams because we as your second parents, we see potential in you as someone in future so go for it boy and don't lose hope.

Some in my community started to believe in me by saying that take care of yourself and make sure that whatever you do, do it for your mother because your her last hope to better her life in future.

So this means that if you believe in yourself, everything that comes your way is fruitful and there's no turning back.

Today I say im proud of myself of where I am right now because all I do I make sure that Im doing this for my mother because if it wasn't about her I wouldn't be here where I am today.

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