Monday, 19 September 2011

Will South African government Censor Media ?

By: Tebele Karabo

Our own South African government under the leadership of African National Congress  during the apartheid era fought  for the media to be free from censorship until 1994 when the media including the freedom of democracy flourished in South Africa.

But the freedom of the press received a  kickback from the very same government that fought for the media to be free. ANC now want to tolerate the media on how to report about the government and its political officials so that the public don't know about their secrets.

Media has been reporting the corruption about political officials to the public to know about whats going on about their ruling government and political officials. Government saw it as a bad image about them displayed to the public and they didn't like the idea.

While other political parties like Democratic Alliance(DA) support the idea of the media to report everything about corruption that is taking place in the country about the ruling party and also contradict the idea of African National Congress censorship of the media.

The big question rise Is DA want to gain support from the educated people (media) by supporting them and does ANC digging its own grave?

Well lets wait for the results because they postponed the march of journalists about secrecy bill and will the public go to DA for help or stuck in ANC for complaints?

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