Monday, 19 September 2011

Democratic Alliance will rule if they don't watch out

By: Tebele Karabo
Watch out ANC

African National Congress is the current ruling party for the country South Africa and many people are voting for it every elections time which is a good thing that shows trust and reliance for this political party but the question is Is ANC showing trust, honesty and solution to the people's problems?

The answer is a big NO! It is because the ruling party now what is doing is for the rulers to think for themselves and those around them without even thinking for the public needs and interests.

How could a mother who have children needs them in tough times but when life is fine, she abandoned them for good..why?

I don't get it hey, these people think they will rule the country forever until jesus christ come down to earth, well they are wrong because how could you sustain yourself while on the other hand you betray your people.

From my perspective as a prospective student of journalism, I see Democratic Aliance (DA) to rule the country because the mother body needs rehab centre in order to get its life back on track.

DA will take over trust me on this one because the ruling party is losing its cool and is fighting itself whereby they no longer  functioning within or respecting the constitution by doing lot of corruption.

ANC beer party... you better watch out hey because DA is coming and you will not see it when they take over South Africa.

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