Monday, 19 September 2011

Im the best

By: Tebele Karabo

I never thought that I will go high and far like this because the previous years I suffured low- self esteem and prosperity.

Even people on Face book say that im the  best for my future and they regard me as the best recipe for their eyes and minds on facebook. They say that I inspire them everyday when I post something and this shows that im something or a role model for them on facebook.

My mother said to me that my son " if you believe in yourself sonny, your going to be the biggest thing in your future whereby your enemies will be surprised to see you like that" and I just love my mother because she inspires me.

Now I have the going spirit for my future and Im not doubting myself anymore because I realised that in this world I came to conquer,win, prosper,rise and to fly in order to fulfil my life. I believe that Im going to be the biggest something that many people will never thought.....

I Tebele Karabo aka "Blue Print" say that I will thrise for my country, village, province and district and conquer for them"

Im going live and Im gonna take them by storm.

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