Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A true friend who will never let me down....

By: Tebele Karabo

 A true friend is a person who will never let you down whether  the situation is good or bad it can be but she will stick with you. So in life you have million friends but they are not all honest but there is a one who will love, cherish and accept you in million ways.

During my life at home last year actually, I had friends at school and I cherished them all but there was a friend that I admired the most and she also felt the same about me. Ladies and gentleman her name is the one and only Mathabo and I never thought that in life someone like her would admire.

best gift
You'll always be my best friend, you know too much!"   
"When it hurts to look back and your scared to look ahead you can look beside you and  I will be there for you".

So whatever where we are right now in different places, we always find a way to meet and share the old memories and the obstacles we went through the past years.

"I salute you mgani your the best gift I've ever had and by the way wish you all the best in future"

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