Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lets celebrate womens month in style

By : Tebele L.K

Picture : Google

When the word "Woman" comes to my mind, I think of something special because these people are the most creatures in the world that can bear pain, happiness and makes everything a reality.

Lets go back to the past where somewhere in the 1950's women were treated unfairly by the former government. Women were forced  not to go to work or participate in any of the country's affairs but to remain at home take care of children, do some home chores and wait for their men to come back from work.

So women in the ealry 1950's stood up against that notion of being sidelined and fought for freedom with the former regime and today women are the  most people who contribute and keep a country running effectively without ant cliches.

Lets celebrate their month with respect, dignity, pride and love in honour to remember those who died and survived fighting for women and this country to be a better place for all. Respecting women doesn't mean that you have to force them to do things that you want them to do so lets listen to what they are saying and treat them like anyone else.

Activists didn't fought for freedom for us as men to abuse and rape women whenever we feel like it, so this month lets make it a rememberable without cases of rape, abuse etc in order to make them feel safe when they are around us.

Remember You strike a woman, you strike a rock so lets celebrate womens month in style of passion, love, care and support of their day.

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