Friday, 13 April 2012

We all see him as a coach

By: Tebele Karabo

Living courage

It is a norm or a custom that in higher tertiary level, lecturers are strict and they don't take no for an answer whereby many students feel scared to ask whatever they want to ask.

But to TV broadcast expert Mr Tshamano Makhadi, every students feel like home sweet home in terms of expression in a class participation because of his  motivational courage to  all students to  contribute.

So speaking from experience me and my Tv crew last term doing television broadcast, we never  described him only as a lecturer but as a coach to us  coaching us as a  winning  team to stand up and hit the ground running.

Sometimes I listen to him when he qoutes " team uhmmm how are you doing there and I have no doubt in my mind that your going somewhere with that spirit of teamwork". As an individual you feel like wow is he for real because other lecturers in various higher learning they don't think of the above statement.

Some of us today as a second years we have that notion that we are going somewhere with this spirit of teamwork and dedication to our work through his inspirational words.

To me Tshamano Makhadi is a living good example of courage, mentor,lecturer and so much more to us as the students of this campus. During times of desperate measures where you don't know where you should do but to feel like your trainsmashed, Makhadi is always there for you to assist and  try to work something positive out.

As a former tv broadcast student for this year practicals, I say I am what I am today and have that courage that I never thought I'l have it in my life so all gratitude and thanks goes to Mr. Tshamano Makhadi.

To fellow students follow what television expert coach tells you and live his courage you'll  see eveything will go according through your way.

There's one thing that I don't get about Makhadi, he don't let ball slip through his way and he always fight for the interest of our understanding of his task. Also to first year students are touched by his esteem because in their respectful rooms, they have the message by Mr Makhadi that says " Gift of life" which keeps motivating them each and everyday can you believe that.

Well this qoute is directed to him by Henry Miller that says "The real leader has no need to lead--
he is content to point the way"

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