Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Julius Malema erased

By: Tebele Karabo

Julius Malema's personality ends up in the mud  of South African political atmosphere.
Former ANCYL president

Julius Malema since 2010 received a welcome of the media all over the world especially in his country of birth South Africa after swearing vulgur language at the BBC journalist in a press conference.

Since from there, he became the centre of news of media publication in the country  including newspapers, radio, online, television and also not forgeting public sphere held by South African citizens under trees, in salons etc. talking about irritative Malema can be.

Malema was enjoying the large freedom of speech by saying whatever he wants to say without even thinking that his words are leading  "propaganda to war" or incitement of hate speech. He even continued by singing one of the claiming that is the revolutionary songs "shoot the boer" along with his supporters.

Motherbody (ANC) tried to calm him down but he didn't listen and continued to enjoy the platform while it last. All hell broke loose when motherbody took him to court because of bringing disreputes in the ANC.

Julius Malema  resulted on being suspended  and expelled from the party but intsead of Julius to keep qiute and avoid causing  tension in the ANC, well guess what he didn't.

He even called the ANC president Jacob Zuma a "dictator" during a briefing and the motherbody responded by kicking Malema out because of his remarks about the president and now we all call him "the former president of the youth league".

His last words before kicked out was " President Jacob Zuma is turning the democracy into an dictatorship".
So Julius Malema is exhausted from the media and now whats going to happen with him?

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