Thursday, 10 May 2012


By: Karabo Tebele

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact and also life is an experiment, the more experiments you make the better.

In life there is a time when your happy because of things that always goes your way no matter how hard or soft they can be. Sometimes you feel mlike the world is on your shoulders whereby you have that instincts of trying to carry it on your small hopeless shoulders.

Life is a journey you will never know where it will take you and now I believe that everyone commit mistakes where those they love around feel like betrayed and dissapointed in  his/her road to success. Keep in mind that success just don't come and pop up in your life just like that without ups and downs of miseries because there's an indegenious qoute that says " when you fight with a cat, you meant to be scratched" and im like wow that's interesting but we as people undermine the life qoutes.

Sometimes you do things that are not righteous and only not by doing them on purpose or intening to hurt someone but life serve a platform for you unaware to commit them for those around you to feel like your a loser,stupid and dumhead.

But hey theres a one thing that you need to know that in life and I repeat in this mordern life, no one is perfect but they will always those people who think they are perfect but only to find out that they are not. even me sometimes I use to ask myself that "how come that person just did that wrong thing without even thinking about what will happen to them" but hey only to realise that its out of their hands and they do things for wrong reasons because of the right motives.

To many people especially the readers of my blog may think that this piece is a story but hey its not a story but an expression from me showing that something is wrong with me and I regret.

So just a message from me "Karabo Tebele also known as Blue print in university I say I'm sorry for what I've done and I'm sure that I'm ging to regret every minute of what I did because  I believe that eveyone makes mistakes and there's no way you can get out until if you face them.

I know you going to say I did let you guys down and I know that there's nothing I could do to reverse the time or turn back the year but from me I say I'm sorry guys and to those around me who love,cherish, inspire,motivate and admire, guys Im sorry for what I've done hope you will understand one day that it wasn't my intention to commit for what I've done.

The best thing that I keep motivating myself everyday is that "everything is going to okay" but I know that it happened it happened so I'l just have to face the consequences.

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