Monday, 21 May 2012

Editor's note

Warm greetings from the writer and editor of Blue@printspeaks  and like to dedicate this delicate article to motivate, inspire and encourage all of you who follow and readers of this progressive blog.

I know you are all busy with your things in life but just take a look and relax as I take you to the road of inspiration. This blog is not only an individual blog  but public blog that allows you to write and upload your videos, music etc that relate to your interests and you itself.

This blogsite of Tebele Karabo if you check it correctly with caution, it tells you about events that are written as opinion, facts and leisure as it determines by the new looks of its design layout.

I personally from the heart I say that guys please visit this blog regularly and if you have interest in it, just have a talk with me and we can sort something that is negotiable where it will end up allowing you to write your stories as it unfolds and reflect your true feelings about life and uploading pictures and videos that will tells about true essense of your life.

As you approach your independance in life maybe lets say for an example, from grade 12 to University or College, you decide what to do with your life because your no longer getting instruction from your elders to live your life but you as an individual you decide and that's what I did personally by starting this blog to express myself.

So from me as the writer and editor of this young vibrant blog I urge you all my readers and followers that you can write for this progressive blog when you want whenever you like because it will not only portray you as a successor but a true living example to the coming generations to come.

Well before I conclude, I like to wish all students who are writing half yearly exams in Universities and not forgerting learners at Primary and Secondary school  who will also be writing to determine where their future will be tomorrow.

Wish you all the best and also not forgeting learners who are currently at Makatane Secondary School who will be writing exams this year.

Thank you

Tebele Langwane Karabo

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