Friday, 26 August 2011

Wow 17 children is not a child play

By: Tebele Karabo

Jane Nkosi mother of 17 children

Jane Nkosi is a woman who have 17 children in the village of Kotsiri village near my hood Ga-maloma  Sekhukhune land.

According to Sowetan live interview with her, they say Jane Nkosi had a last born child  this June this year.
Nkosi has given birth 21 times, with two sets of twins being born.

How shocking is that for a rural women to have 17 children without her husband employed and my question is how is she coping with her children.

The unemployed mother could have 23 children, but four died after birth, one of who was a twin born in 2005.
Her husband, Mbaleko Shabangu, is also unemployed, making it difficult for the couple to provide for their children properly.

Are the Government doing its best to solve this crisis in this poor family because seriously they need  attention.Only one of a 17 children, only one has Matric. He was employed at a local mine for about 18 months until he was retrenched in December.

I hope Local government can do something to solve this issue with immediate effect because they need help and they need now..
Lets hope also Kotsiri community could do everything they have in their power to eradicate this problem.

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