Wednesday, 24 August 2011


By: Tebele Karabo

Tshwane University of Technology in Soshanguve are doing the best improvement with renovating students stadium since last month and still under construction.

Students used to complain about the stadium which was rusty and in poor conditions since january this year.The department of sports and recreation here at Tut campus answered their request and start to listen to the lyrics and dance to the beat rather than keeping promises that they can't keep.

Meanwhile other students are arguing that this campus is wasting money on useless things than important things here that need speedy recovery."This campus is always wasting money on unneccesary things than important things" said anonymous student.

But it seems as majority of students especially soccer lovers agrees with what the campus is doing in terms of renovating the stadium for them to play soccer in an healthy soccer pitch.

"We are happy today as soccer players from this campus that they are doing the best thing for the students to play or spectate the beautiful game on a healthy pitch" said Lebo Mothiba

For so many years finally the campus is doing the best thing for the students to showcase their talent on a wonderful pitch

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