Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Expose the irresponsibilities

By: Tebele Karabo

Dead baby left in a dirt bin to death
Daily dispatch on the front page of a dead baby that was left to rot in a dirt bin was right to be published because its also serves as a breaking story.
I agree with this story of a dead baby published. The media must continue to publish these kind of articles in order to expose the irresponsibility of the  state run mortuaries in the country.State mortuaries were supposed to respect the dignity of dead corpse especially babies but not to abandoned in a dirt bin for God sake.

Leaving a dead baby left to rot in a dirt bin, it doesn’t show respect and also it threatened the health conditions of the staff working in that mortuary in Eastern Cape.
So I advise the media to tackle every breaking story of dead babies  free without fear...

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